Imagine you logged into Facebook and saw the guy that always had good grades and had it made for him now unemployed and miserable?”

Not surprisingly I would probably relish in the feeling. I call this feeling, and one which I haven’t quite thought of much before writing this post, GELOTOPHOBIA, fear of being laughed at (FACEBOOK is a multiplier of this). Let’s assume that people aren’t addicted to FAIL videos because of the other side of GELOTOPHOBIA, Schneudferge, where one hopes the one with power falls. More often the case, is that the weakest link is succumbed to a terrible fate, and I attribute that to every reality show, always being about how to get rid of the weakest link in an unfortunate fate, and rarely talks about the true winner. Chopped isn’t called, “Everyone’s a winner”, but more like “Tune in each week and watch the worm squirm to death with its head cut off”

I digress..

Before I make the counterargument on disproving the phobia or emotion, that isn’t even in the english dictionary, Schneudferge. Let’s begin with a story

My earliest recollection of experiencing this phenomenon is during a skit. I hoped I would get a laugh out the audience slipping on a banana. I instinctively knew the audience would laugh at someone’s fail because of schneudferge.

First of all this is not a phenomenon, in fact many even consider that only female experience this with gossip. “Kant in the eighteenth century associated sniggering at other people’s downfalls with those other womanly ies - gossip, manipulation and lying.”

Next, this feeling that I just described is child-like. Surely people outgrow it. “In the 1980s, animal-rights campaigner Frances Power Cobbe wrote a whole manifesto entitled“ Schadenfreude,” identifying the emotion with the bloodlust of boys torturing stray cats for fun.”

Next, I would consider the properiotory or monetization one could capitalize on this feeling. I will fill in the blank with english translations of defitionons in French, Danish, Hebrew, Mandar etc.

In modern society there is a business of exploiting [definition]

In modern society there is a business of exploiting [the misfortunes of others] with _____ because it tastes like honey to the viewers.
In modern society there is a business of ____ which others find a diabolical delight in other people’s suffering.
HEBREW: simcha la-ed
In modern society others will tune in to hear to hear other people’s catastrophes with no intention of helping.
ROMAN: epichairekakia
In modern society there is a business in which others will make sure someone suffers because it makes them feel good.

Actually that last one sounds like republican proposing involuntary surrogate mothers who want to have abortions.

Melanesians, Papua New Guinea: Banbanam
In modern society there is a business of taunting dead rivals.

Moreover, we can say that Schneudferge is not a psychological emotion but more a product of modern over information sharing, a highlight, rather than a familiar chord because the prominent definition was first mentioned in the 1820s, “a mournful record of the strange wickednesses which the genius of man, so fertile in evil, has invented.”

So for the first time, I am declaring this phobia of GELOTOPHOBIA, a lie. Rarely do people find satisfaction for the Schadenfreude (“a secret satisfaction, of the malicious or even of the judiciary kind”) when people log into Facebook, or overhear the latest gossip at the watercooler, or wanton news from an old acquaintance.