Summer Mindfulness

The temperature rises and clothes are abandoned which has lots of physical and mindfulness benefits of its own.

When you sweat more than its an excellent way of opening your pores and getting rid of bacteria and toxins which improves the look of your skin worse but also means more fair natural scent our bodies make and summer.
Summer mindfulness is important, especially doing mindfulness outside.

First, wake up with a glass of water. Guidelines recommend that men drink 2.2 L per day and it's been surveyed that 50% of US population were not meeting the suggestion. Even more, the British Journal of Nutrition says the clinic leaves as foggy head .

Second, this summer mindfulness exercise will give you Vitamin Sea. The Journal of alternative complementary Medicine thinks that negative ion therapy, yes the Posh name for breathing in sea air, hopes to treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Practice summer mindfulness all while the rhythmic ebb and flow of the Tidy stimulates our over tired brain. Walking on beach sand work the muscles in a different way from walking on surfaces, and running on a beach is like taking a natural obstacle course. Next try lying on the sand. A mindful Summer sunbathing session exposing the right amount of sun, 15 minutes, before your skin without damaging it to push the endocrine system to endorphins. Now, stand barefoot and practice mindful grounding or earthing, which is removing excess electronic build Up over time during stressful times. You might bury yourself in the sand. Egyptian people bury people up to their heads for 15 minutes to feel the healing powers of a heavy hot sand to relieve the symptoms of rheumatism.

The summer mindfulness exercise is sitting by the sea close your eyes. Relax each muscle and soften your face to the rhythmic swirl of the waves. In. Out. In. Out. Breathe the air deeply and fully. Rock on your haunches slowly, mimicking the push and pull the tide. Now open your eyes and focus on the majesty of the body of water you’re sitting beside – the depth, the color, the strength, the beauty, the sparkle - and imagine letting all those qualities wash over you.