Forest Bathing

Book: Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is the literal translation of the Japanese term coined by the Japanese government in the 1980s, “To immerse themselves and nature to reduce stress and support overall health.” The benefits of forest bathing go beyond the Romanticism by Henry David Thoreau or the activism of John Muir. Actually, there's a hard science to support the claims spending too much time in the gray spaces of concrete buildings and sidewalks can have deleterious effects on the health and less capable of fighting off infections.

Excerpt From Forest Bathing:
My favorite activities from forest bathing around the world are around forests and water. I plan most of my vacations around those two things. I paddle out in a canoe in the backcountry and camp for a few days to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Also, my favorite activities are just floating on my back in the water of a rock bottom lake after a long canoe ride, or swinging in the hammock by the way the light filters through the pine needles in the Treetops sky and trees. I hear the creaking sound of the trees as they bend with the wind. I smell the sap of the cedar trees and gently swing in the hammock for hours, only if my children kick me out so they could have their turn too.

Before I go on I do want to mention my variance with Forest bathing New York City since Forest bathing has been a virtual experience for me because I have an app on my phone called nature sounds and it's I like your standard set of running water birds chirping crickets wolves campfire sounds thunderstorms rain. An hour drive from the city are campgrounds and it would kind of be my escape know I never actually got to go to. The campgrounds prohibit dogs, just like 99% of the world. I've learned to capitalize on the forests that are available in New York City, or even a ferry ride across New York City to Brooklyn. It’s like I'm traveling across the ocean for second, then all the sounds go away and then I have that experience if you go really deep in the Central Park there's like Bow Bridge and winding paths. They’re not trails, but there's a light that comes in and it's almost like completely green, and you are so much more aware of the calmness in that setting. The city has had an effect on my blood pressure, but I do like this mindfulness practice because of that it specifically tailoring to putting yourself in a forest and breathing not just air but breathing the oxygen from that tree in front of you.

Let's go back to this mindfulness section. Let's go back to Forest bathing the literal translation of Japanese term is described as the, “process of making contact with and taking in the atmosphere of the forest. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and forest bathing is a Stress Management activity.”
I know what specifically designed contrast the dense loud Urban conditions in 3rd by Japanese living in Tokyo. Forest bathing might sound kind of cliche, you don't need to take off your clothes or anything it's more about the reconnection with nature through intentionally increasing nature exposure.
You may have heard of Forest bathing in other names. Obviously at the very beginning humans and Hunter and Gathering societies spend almost all their time outside. The concept can also have a lot of common with camping or being in an RV. Another common name is spa and thermal Waters, with therapeutic formulas to match Hot Springs Another name is pronounced free Lutz literally translates from the Norwegian free air life for open-air living. The way of life spent exploring and appreciating nature and easy uncomplicated fashion. You could also say it's a picnic, which happens to be a popular activity in France. It’s very common to go to a French Park with a bottle of wine and some cheese and just nap.
Finally health benefits include chemical smells with mysterious uses oils for just about everything they are essential for both communication and defense trees you sent signals Cactus growth Regulators be used to attract pollinators and protect trees from microbial infection

Exercise 1
how to Forest Bath
You need a forest. Maybe you don't have easy access to a forest. A park with a lot of trees will do. There is absolutely no wrong way to forest bath. Go to a forest or sit under a tree. Sit for 30 minutes or more minutes. Walking through City Park is Forest bathing. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have practiced forest bathing without knowing it.