How I Prepare for Inktober 2021

Inktober 2021 is coming up very soon and this is something that I find has a lot of creative aspects to it. My favorite showcase of Inktober is from the artist @LethalChris on youtube. He uses a sepia sketchbook with color and more.

What I have to use is mostly Micron pens and no sketchbook except for one that has been water damaged. I will prepare for Inktober by buying a thumbnail sketch book and a wire bound 14 x 17” sketchbook or a couple Bristol 11” x 17” because it looks better against the black ink. Having done Inktober last year, my favorite sketches turned out to be those on wide bristol paper because of the dynamic shapes that were large. Another of my favorites was an ink in my sepia sketchbook.

After I get my notebooks I have to restock on Micron Brush Pen, a black copic marker, a pack of Staedtler, and a pack of grayscale Faber Castell Pens as well as a regular pen set. That way I can have extra black ink and will eventually go to grayscale or washes or watercolor.

If I do not get these items as I want to but only to have a certain palette that is similar to the one I had last year, then I will go digital and think about a drawing tablet, and work with programs such as Illustrator.