History of Fears

Ataxophobics notice a detail in organization and cleaning that would be minute. While I know of the disorder, OCD, Ataxophobia can be an extreme form where one gets frightened or has a panic attack.

Well then, I begin my research based journey of understanding the fear of disorder, Ataxophobia, like an alien would seek to understand the human condition.

A phobia is a disorder, but fear of disorders is not best used with that definition. What Ataxophobia is, is an anxiety disorder. It’s not the most likely to give you the best dance moves.

Sometimes. Sometimes. People with OCD (aka Ataxophobia) will be given a Cognitive Behavioral exercise to cope with the fear. CBT involves exposure to the fear, such as not washing your hands. I tried to do this for a complete day or week, and found it difficult beyond belief. So assume it’s normal.
But instead of taking the practical approach, instead I wanted to change someone’s way of thinking with science.

In content, this phobia could be listed among other anxiety disorders.

In 400 BC - Someone who is shy was described as someone who thinks every man observes him or one who loves darkness.

In The middle ages - Phobias of spiders were taken note.

Finally in 1621 - A minister from England wrote about people with various fears.

There are essentially three types of fears/ or phobias

Fear of an object or situation( i.e. Spiders, heights, flying)
Social Phobias - Fear of embarrasement
Fear of being away from a safe place probably a mix of 2-3 for this one

8% of people have a phobia, including those who fear clocks, mushrooms. A fear causes one to have a pounding heart even for something such as Galephobia, fear of cars.

Random Phobia
Agrophobia - Ancient greek definition means Fear of Marketplace

Without proper treatment a phobia will never get better. In terms of modern science, there are two proscriptions people would take for OCD.
Xanax (alprazolam
Valium (diazepram)

The medication will affect the most important subjector: Prefrontal cortex and amyglada