Death in Slow Motion - Workaholics

Book: Chill by Bryan E. Robbins

Bryan is a workaholic. He was a chain smoking, caffeinated, work junkie. Say Hello to Bryan. Hi Bryan.
Hi! Snapped Bryan.
Thank you Bryan. Why Did you come to Workaholics Anonymous?

What ultimately brought me through the ordeal was the practice of mindfulness meditation, present moment awareness to my feelings and a compassionate, non-judgemental connection with myself. Mindfulness - the peaceful observing awareness of everything you do. Taking yourself auto pilot.

Work Addiction

Karoshi - death from overwork
In india, it’s called death in slow motion.

Come here, NOW. I toiled through most of the day of my father’s funeral. While my mother and sisters broke bread with old neighbors. I was in my university office twenty five miles away, working. On a project so insignificant I no longer remember what it was. Jamey called me controlling, inflexible, and incapable of living in the moment, but the promotions accolades, and fat paychecks built an ever stronger case against his accusations.

So now I go fishing and drink martinis.

Work Free and Chill Zones

Only 57% of Americans take their earned vacation. You could be one of them who hauls tons of work on leisure. Work free zones are like micro aggressive vacations. Have a special place, a room, with minimum flow. Make a collage or corner plant, or rose candle to initiate the start of the mindful practice.

Mindfulness Exercise

Don’t miss out. One writer writes, “If I had to do it over. I’d burn the candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage. I’d have gone to bed when I was sick and not drag myself through work. Come home with your breath! Not out of breath!

There is someone, whether it be your pet, child, spouse, mouse, or rose garden or cactus that needs you. Someone who anticipates seeing you.

Try this for Five minutes

While you can, bring your attention to your breath.

Close your eyes., or block out sound
Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on each inhalation and exhalation.
Follow your breath, repeat.
Each time you notice you’re not paying attention to the breath, gently refocus.